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Episode 3: Looking Forward: 5G, Digital Transformation, and the Network of the Future


5G holds promise to further society’s digital transformation, delivering solutions and applications for consumers and enterprises alike, and connecting the un-connected and under-served. 

While phase-1 of the 5G buildout in large-market countries has largely been completed, the future will reveal how far 5G technologies can take us to real digital transformation.

Building on the first two episodes of the Design Your Networks for the Internet for the Future podcast, IDG host Barbara Call and guest Tom Kennedy, Director of Product Management at Cisco, explore how 5G fits into the Internet for the Future and answer such questions as, do companies run the risk of making investments that will quickly be outdated?

“When we look at the Internet of the Future, from my perspective, 5G is really a

foundational element of that future,” Kennedy says. “As we look at 5G, this really

brings us into the next generation, where you’re looking at the ability for any and every device to be connected and touching really every part of our livelihood.”

Whether that’s the business or personal side of our lives, he continues, “everything from what we touch, what we put in our refrigerator, what our car is going, 5G will really help us truly connect everything.”

Although the transition and the evolution into 5G will take time, and won’t happen overnight, he notes, “We’re seeing it progress today. It’s an exciting time.”

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