Sitting, waiting for the wedding of a good friend to start, after just being updated that both the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother are running late. So what’s a man to do? Write a blog, of course.

This is my inaugural posting on WordPress, after much frustration with accessing my Blogger account. Both accounts are active; I just won’t be posting anything new on my

During my brief writing hiatus, after completing the first draft of the pilot episode of my sitcom ten days or so ago, and the above discussed frustration with Blogger, I have come to a conclusion. I neither need or want time off. A writer writes…am I right? In my education on the television writing process, it’s recommended to take a period of time away from my completed first draft. Instead, I much prefer continuing other projects including blogging, beginning the outline of the second episode, all the while coming up with more “funny” to season the pilot.

In this, I have discovered a new take on discipline. It’s crazy how easily a “bad” can be flipped to a “good”. Before the move back in June, I would end most of my days with some drinks and some television viewing. No biggie but alas, a bad habit in my eyes. The kind of scenario where if I didn’t do it, I would miss it, crave it. So now, after nearly three months of ending my days without liquor and lazing, but instead with writing and creativity…I flippin’ miss it if it’s not a constant. I yearn to write. There’s always a storyline going on in this noggin. And why shut that off? I’m blessed like this and I can’t get enough.

Are there areas in your life that you’d like to do the bad-for-good switcherooni? Just takes a bit of discipline. And that’s the thing….I had developed a negative discipline so in removing that unhealthy habit, and implementing this new and positive one, picking it up and running with it was not difficult in the least because the discipline and the consistency is already set.

Well, the wedding is over. Both mother’s made an appearance and the ceremony was darned well decent. I suppose a nap is in order now, before the reception. I’m tuning out, while letting my own words sink in. Baby steps. Improving one piece of me at a time. The bads to the goods.

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