Without Boundary: The Joy of Creating

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Creativity as both “the quality of being creative” and my personal favorite, “the ability to create”. The word inventiveness also strikes a chord. Maybe it rings a bell. Anyways it does something. And I like it.

The past couple days I have been overwhelmed with my passion for creation. The concept is so huge and bottomless and amazing and eternal to me. Echo! Echo! Echo!

In thinking of ideas for the show I’m writing, I can fall into a bit of a hole if I let it happen. I can get bombarded with thoughts of “how can I make this funny”, and “what’s he going to say”. In a four walled world with both a floor and a ceiling, I am trapped. Anyone is. But by simply removing those parameters of limitation, this bottomless universe containing anything I want it to hold is mine for the molding. For the inventing.

There are no rules! How can something be wrong if it was never right? Wrap your mind around that one. Thank me later.

Some may consider it a “God complex”, and why not. He is the Ultimate Creator. The First and Last! If I’m giving credit to the source, then that’s where it shall be.

You probably didn’t even realize it til just now but……I am creating this blog. With these words. Mind blown?!

It comes so easy and it should. After all, there’s no end to it. Creating, in its own rights, is the purest thing ever. Hands down. Surely it can be used for bad but at its source, the stream is good. Pure. Refreshing. And undeniably delicious.

It’s kind of everywhere, isn’t it? In all of us. John Doe picks up a guitar and learns to play a Metallica lick, and it’s cool. But same dude strings (pun intended) his own notes together and boom…He has created something.

It’s to be celebrated. We all are to be celebrated. We all can create, we all have giftings related to it. I don’t want it to stop. I want to grow it and watch it mature. I like the thought of seeing it get better, or its direction change and I follow it to where it takes me.

Bottomless and without ceiling!

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