When You Just Need to Thrash


I want to start a death metal band again. Okay, maybe not death metal per say but something intense and heavy. It’s the music that’s always moved me the most.

When I was seventeen/eighteen, I fronted the band “Orifice”. Heard of them? Of course you didn’t. We played two shows and recorded a five song demo disc. That was our run.

Besides attempting to write a Police Academy movie in grade 5, Orifice was my first delicious taste of creativity in action. I wrote all our songs, played guitar then bass and “sang”. And loved every second of it.


The lyrics were sick, the riffs were intense and the drums ripped ones head off. Visceral and undeniably brutal, in the best way possible. But hey, that was yesteryear, am I wrong?

If I had a band now, we wouldn’t lyricize about being indoctrinated by demons or shaded funerals. I probably wouldn’t grunt and growl every syllable. I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be hammered drunk at our shows.


What would it look like? I dunno. FRIGGIN AWESOME is all I can tell you. Maybe when I’m in Vancouver or down in LA. At 40, I won’t be too old to shred, will I?? Never! I’d be seasoned, like the grey in my beard or the swagger in my walk. Life can only get better, my musical creation included.

My rock star dream retired itself years ago but that doesn’t mean I can’t play. It’s funny how we come full circle in ways. Honestly, music is not a priority for me. My time is filled with raising my kids, working, gymming, writing and sleeping. But again, as I touched on in a previous posting, when I pick up an instrument it just flows and I don’t want to stop. It’s these creative passions that feed me and give me life.

It’s in my kids too. Maybe not quite the love of super heavy music but nonetheless music in general. On the way to church this morning, with old school Metallica blasting, all three were drumming on their seats. Hilarious and awesome.


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