Why the Ice Bucket Trend Bothers Me

Am I the only one who gets annoyed with “everybody’s doing it” viral ridiculousness like this current ALS ice bucket business? I mean really…person after person, celebrity after celebrity? Trendy bothers me greatly. It’s just how I am. Oh no…I got nominated. Now I HAVE to do it! No, actually you don’t.

I get it, I do. I’m not against donating to charities. I’m not against a foundation helping those in need. It all actually hits reasonably close to home. When my daughters were two, they experienced Guillain-Barre syndrome after receiving immunization needles. Their nerve covering was stripped and all they felt were hot, as well as cold nerve flashes, similar to what people with ALS feel, hence the icy bucket.

What I am against is the way the masses follow. Donate money if the cause speaks to you, by all means, but putting your cold-water-dump-vid on facebook, just like the tens of thousands did before you…redundant doesn’t come close.

I’ve always been this way, it’s in my blood. When Avatar came out, “everyone” saw it and raved. Thousands of people went multiple times. But I refused. Even with all the hype, it looked lame to me. Years later, I broke down and agreed to watch it on dvd. I found it laughable and knew there was a reason I had originally passed on it.

The same goes with Tim Hortons. “Everybody” has to have their “Timmy’s”. It’s Canadian so I guess I should be proud or something, but I’m not. I don’t need their donuts and coffee forced down my throat. I don’t even find it good! But even if it was delicious, I still wouldn’t buy in. It’s gotten so bad that now I cringe upon hearing about “Timmy’s”.

I must be a rare breed, because I’m definitely not with the masses. Certain things “everyone is doing” I am prone to follow such as wearing clothing in public, or working for a living. Most days I even wake in the morning and go to bed at night! These activities I don’t feel are overdone, viral or trendy. I run with the pack in regards to the basics. Ice buckets on social media? Going to pass.

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