Father of the Year Award

It’s funny when we see, whether on television or especially in real life, a ridiculously uncool father who goes out of his way to “be hip”, and whom actually calls himself a cool dad, believing that he is up on the jargin of today and could assimilate just fine with his children’s friends, as though to be one of them. We all know that guy. And dudes like that take some of the truth away when someone is genuinely a relevant, hilarious, up-to-date father…like myself. Though if I actually say that I am, then I kinda become that guy. Argh.

Today is my son’s birthday. I’m sitting at a park bench on a beautiful summer day, with a breeze washing over me, as said son is shooting hoops. He is my first born child and my only son. When he was born, I barely knew his mother but I fell in love with him the instant I saw him. That might have been the most important and most pivotal day of my life. He changed everything.

I feel as though I have done a good job in raising this guy. With him, I’ve walked that line between parent and buddy. Him and I have a bond that is possibly stronger than the ones between his twin sisters and myself, as I have been more so strictly a parent to them. My son is very entrepreneurial and is headed for great success well before the age of 18. We feed off of each other’s drives; we are both very passionate and do the work to achieve.

But all that being said, it’s the humour that is seemingly our glue, or our lifeblood of sorts. Being ridiculous as much as I can get away with is what I go for day in, day out. I take it as a great compliment when my son’s friends tell him I’m “hilarious”. I know I’m not alone here, and I am certain there are many other dads who act pretty goofy, though in my mind I feel like I take the cake. (Refer to first paragraph…then yes, laugh at me). Who else sings 50% of what they say? What other father bakes cakes and cookies on a weekly basis, often times only the kind he likes so no one else will touch it? It’s through my silly antics that I am constantly coming up with possible material for my sitcom.

I live in a world within this world. Don’t get me wrong…I am Mr. Father, Disciplinarian, Provider and many other things. But if you knew me, you’d glimpse my world of goofy and either love it or not. Am I the worlds funniest, coolest, sexiest father? Totally.

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