Let’s Talk About Your Happy Bubble

It’s not often when I sit in front of this blank screen and write off the cuff. I usually dissect an idea in shorthand first, documenting the generalities of what is to be said. But just now, I received a shot of adrenaline, engaging in an old passion that will never die. For the first time in months, I just picked up my bass and immediately got swept up in some classic old Orifice (my late-teen band) riffs. Time stood still, and I thrashed it out for an audience of none.

Music and writing. Writing and music. Writing music. And musical writings. Take away the day job, the kids, eating, working out and sleeping, and I would be the most happy, most satisfied and most alive. No offence, sleep.

Seriously, it’s literally the best thing in the world, is it not? Being so involved, and in tune, and swept up in something, inside that happy place bubble where everything is safe, with butterflies and unicorns and the like?? What are you passionate about? Where’s your happy bubble? Does everyone have one? The person that loves helping others…do they feel how playing music makes me feel when they can bring a smile to someone’s face? What about the auto mechanic? When he diagnoses a tricky dilemma and makes the fix, does he experience how I feel when I am writing? I’m going to go with heck yes to both.

So much can come between us and our passions though hey. Life can trash my bubble pretty good. Maybe that’s why I’m in sixth heaven while I’m engaged in these creative pleasures, because I realize the forces pulling it out of my hands are strong. Like a demon wreaking havoc, if you will. Squash that filthy bugger. I don’t want it taken from me.

Wishing can be fun for a fleeting flippin’ moment but the futility of it isn’t worth any of our time. This is the real world and it’ll never stop kicking our buns and shaking us upside down like a kid with a box of Nerds. And Nerds are sweet, and we are the Nerds so…wrap your mind around that one. I guess what I am saying here (before getting lost in a sweet, sugary world of tiny candies) is that I, for one, absolutely have to dedicate more quality time to “indulging in my passions”. That time spent is just too important to push aside because silly life is happening, again. *Elbow* “Ya, you, Life”.

Talk is cheap, and blogging about talking is even less pricey. But bottom line is no matter how difficult and fast-paced ones daily journey is, the thought of doing it monotonously and without pleasure is not the road I want to travel. I need freshness, in my armpits but also in my life. Every day. Is this something worth pursuing?

Get lost!! I mean it. In what gives you the most life. In what raises your feet off the ground. In what gives you goosebumps and keeps you wanting more.

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