Twenty – Four Hours to Live. GO!

What if you knew you would be dead in twenty-four hours? Who would you tell? What ends would you attempt to tie up? How would your funeral look like, and who would show up?

Sure, it’s all pretty morbid. Yet, oddly a curious thing to consider, if only for a few moments. I used to be bad for imagining my funeral. I would picture girl after girl, whose life I touched in one way or another, making an appearance. Tears would stream down each of their pretty faces, and each would be filled with a heavy sense of loss…..and all this was something settling to my dead self. It’s a feeling a revenge in a huge way; me getting the satisfaction in seeing that I truly WAS adored, and that I left a hole in many people. Kind of twisted, kind of beautiful, no?

A lot of people have a bucket list but I currently do not. I guess in the scenario I laid out, how many loose ends could a person actually accomplish in under twenty-four hours?? Would you spend that time dead-man-walking style, surrounded by friends and family as the clock ticks down, as you surrender to your expiration? Or do you fight it, and try to cheat it, in somehow solving it like it’s a riddle, and in cracking it’s “code” the death clock will stop? I don’t even know what I would do. It would “kill me” to just embrace it, but how could it even be averted?

In “the end”, to me, all that would matter is when the clock reaches 00:00, I have peace as for where my spirit will go as my heart stops beating. That would be the scariest part, to not know what happens AFTER. Luckily, we have “all the time in the world” to figure that part out so I suggest you get on it. Everything else is just cake.

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