Everybody is born with greatness in them. Do you believe that? It’s all about realizing what it is and having the strength to achieve. How can one person change the world? Kind of a huge question though really, no bigger than asking how can I make MY OWN life better? The best way I can think of is removing the limitations that no one but ourselves has set.

I’ve been living small time, no reason to deny it. I can’t remember when I haven’t just gotten by in many areas of my life. There has been minimal growth. I feel I have excelled in parenting and in building my body, and that’s about it. Friendships, finances, relationships…these areas have been unmanaged for the most part.

But now I’m on a roll. This guy has great momentum behind him. I have cut off old habits that did nothing for me but drag me down and steal my money. I have done the inventory on my life and have come up with exponential shortages so I ordered new stock, and it has arrived, been implemented and now I run on all cylinders. Well, almost all. I can’t claim perfection just yet.

No, I’m not referring to those three areas I just mentioned, although financially it is improving daily. The focus I now possess is downright awesome. And the “let’s get through this month” mentality is gone, and is replaced with “Uranus is the limit”, or I guess anywhere up there really.

I am going to exceed any and all limitations ever set, whether spoken or simply thought, or even implied by others. That voice of reason, the guy that lives in my gut…sometimes he can be of use. But more often than not, he holds me back, as others might with the “you can’t do that” ‘s, or the “you’ll never make it” ‘s. At my ripe old age, I have learnt that he can shut it! He can shut his flippin’ mouth, ’cause I’m not listening.

I have felt greatness on me my whole life. At times, I have shone but mostly I remained mundane and medicated. I have felt disallowed to be amazing. Success is something I could pursue, but why bother, because I can’t get there. I’m done with the lies for good. No, really. No more ceilings will hold me down.

What about you?

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