Hi. I wanted to take this opportunity to blog on blogging. Yes, I actually just said that. I’m relatively new to it. Didn’t read a book on it, nor did I attend a night school class on the subject. I did a little minor research after I had completed my first three or so however, on the inter-web.

I feel like a fresh voice should be just that: fresh, different, unique. Rules and direction are important but a manual isn’t needed for fun like this, is it?! In some of my “research”, I have discovered that length doesn’t really matter (it’s all about longevity…. And girth). These eyes have seen some that take twenty minutes to read and others that are literally four words in length. Authoring a blog is like a man on a shopping trip: get in, do the job and get out. It should be fun and to the point.

Another seemingly important factor is am I writing on a specific topic or genre over and over. Some folks recommend following this protocol and I get it, it makes sense…to a degree. Doesn’t it get boring and fast though, for both blogger and blog consumer? Other people choose “my version” (as though I invented it, right? Well maybe I did, sucka), which is writing on a variety of themes or thoughts. The benefit of this is at least twofold:
1) Both writer and reader aren’t falling asleep.
2) The more topics the writer has blogged on, the greater the chance of him being read.

To expand a bit on my second point, the example would be average Joe McInternet-User runs a search on “comedy blog”. Boom…I come up. Later that evening, he wants to see some blogs on dating sites. Holla…me again. I’m everywhere! Both styles serve a purpose.

Again, it comes back to passion. Why do people blog? Hasn’t everything already been said? Who really has a “fresh voice” nowadays? I go with gut. And gut goes with me. He holds my hand and gives me passion and inspiration, and I love him.

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