A Writer Writes/Passion Defined

How many days a month do we run on autopilot? Twenty? Twenty-five? My definition, in this scenario, is us going through the motions; coasting with little or no deviation from what needs to be accomplished in our day to day lives. Sure, we got to do what we got to do. I don’t know about you but I much prefer living my life immersed in passion…as much as I can.

A writer writes! Pretty straight forward. Same goes for a body builder. They train hard, eat clean, take the right supplements and become their title;  the definition of who they are. So, what happens if we stop doing the things that define us and that feed us? Nothing, really. But that part of us that we’ve been developing and that gives us the most joy lies dormant and we settle back into our mundane lives.

It’s a battle sometimes, isn’t it? More often than not we simply find ourselves without the time or energy to devote to the things that define and propel us. But the amazing thing about these passions and embracing them often or daily, is that they actually energize us! They feed us! I crave those moments: to write, to play guitar, to build my body. They are my passions and devoting appropriate time to them will always be a top priority.

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