The definition of turmoil is a state of great disturbance, confusion or uncertainty. I enjoy this word more than his lesser counterpart, Stress. I favour it like a kick in the teeth as opposed to a kick in the baby maker.

I came at this today with the notion of writing on an entirely different topic but I currently find myself consumed with turmoil. If I could go back to myself as a child who wished things would hurry up so he could be a grown up, I would most definitely warn the little guy that it is nothing like you imagine it to be. All the disturbing moments of disconnected uncertainty that mount to greater heights are not anything to be wished upon your greatest enemy.

Without going into too much detail, what I am currently facing is an unexpected forced move, the subsequent possible last minute enrolment in a new school for my daughters and securing a second job, mostly because the children’s mother is still without work and is therefore not contributing. Actually, that was a fair bit of juicy detail.

Very similar to new love, or to conquering a fear, or finding success…moments of stress, or turmoil, make us feel alive. It takes us out of the mundanity we’re bombarded with on a second to second basis in our day to day lives. As fleeting as it is, we want it to go away and fast. But the only way to do that is to go through that. And in the end, that is how we find not only great success but great peace.

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