Repeat After Me… Dating Sites are the Enemy

Ever signed up on a dating site? If no, please don’t. If yes, well, please stop. Their selling point is simple. In this day and age, we live such fast paced lives of going to work and every other thing we fill our day with. We’re all busy. Those of us who desire a relationship or at least communication with a member of the opposite sex struggle to meet people, so, enter internet dating.

Once you get past the stigma that it’s embarrassing or “how is it my life has come to this!?”, it actually seems fun! It draws you in. At your own leisure, in your own home or wherever you’re comfortable, you can scan through an endless list of faces of people you can potentially meet. Not only can you see each person, but you can get a taste of who they are and what they are looking for by reading their profile. Then the messages start to fly. Oh wow..what a cute girl! And she has similar interests! So you reach out and with a little charm, she messages back and it feels good, exciting and new.

Over a few days, the conversation gets more intimate as you get to know one another and you decide to meet. A connection in conversing over the inter-webs is sadly sometimes lost in person, but on occasion the chemistry is quite evident. You go home feeling things went well. But, then another girl catches your eye and you view her profile. She sees this, is interested and messages you. Next thing you know, you’re exchanging lol’s and it’s fun and it feels good. The previous girl messages you and so you continue chatting with her, while developing feelings for the new girl, or Girl B we’ll call her. Then two more girls, maybe one younger and one older show interest and now you’ve got four potential dates or girlfriend’s. Initially it feels good! Who doesn’t like attention and to be complimented? You feel like television’s The Bachelor, with your choice of a bevy of beautiful women.

But it goes downhill fast, believe me. What was fun and exciting and titillating has now become a black hole of making enough time for everyone and keeping personal facts straight. It makes you feel like a cheater, even though at this point you haven’t committed to any of them. You start creating excuses to no longer talk to one or two of the women, not only causing stress to yourself but hurt to them. And then another girl catches your eye and you want to talk to her!

I could honestly write on the subject for days; this is simply one of the negative elements of the dating site experience. It wears you down, and can even alter who you are. And all the while Girl A has Boy A through E she’s talking to at the same time.  My reoccurring experience with it repeatedly tells me to avoid them, all the while never finding what I was truly looking for.

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