It’s weird….. When I get into show writing mode, I have all my creative focus on that and the blog production ceases. It comes to a screeching halt and I don’t know how I feel about that.

I think I feel happy.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t want to focus on myself. That’s kinda hard to not do. I mean, ideally I can present motivation through my own experiences, and as I learn, the reader sees a broader picture of life. That’s generally the gist of what I’m going for. So that being said…

This whole sitcom writing blows my mind. I’ve always wanted “a thing”. You know what I mean. The guy who excels in one or more areas greatly, to the point where people double take and give their full attention. Something I can nail. And writing television is it. I genuinely feel it’s my thing.

Take a quick walk with me from conception to current. I’ll make it worth your time. One year ago this month, I felt called to write a sitcom. I’d be watching TV or a movie and be thinking, “Why didn’t I write this!?”. One day I just decided it’s what I’m to do.

Months and months went by where I read books, blogs and inter-blurbs about the process, as well as the destination; what it entails and what it all looks like. I started blogging in April, as a means to get my creative out, to practice writing and develop a following, of sorts.

It took about 8 months til I actually came up with the shows premise and characters. No, it didn’t take me that long to finally think of something! It actually came to me quite swiftly one day. I did my beat sheet, followed by my outline and before I knew it I had written episode one, first draft at any rate.

Without full completion of the pilot, I have moved on to episode two. Conceived the premise a week ago, penned the beat sheet and then the outline. Before writing the pilot, I had scene one of the second episode already planned out so expressing that on paper wasn’t trying in the least. But then there’s those 60 seconds or so where I’m reading my outlined paragraph of scene two and the process begins of breathing life into it. What are my characters going to say? How will I build it and layer it with a few great jokes? How will I end it? And in that minute, I’m a little overwhelmed and think what the flip, can I do this?

Then I begin and it all just gels and flows, and that is what blows my mind. The way I fill a page; nothing feels better to me. I am so head over heels in love with the whole process but especially when I obliterate that scared feeling. I kill fear with written word. That’s how cool I am.

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