What about those times where there’s so many thoughts, and so much good going on that it just throws off your normal, mundane day-to-day existence, and you don’t know what to really make of it, but ultimately you don’t care in the least? Ya. That’s what’s happening in this guy’s head right now, and I’m lovin’ it.

Initially, I figured I’d post on my “near death” self-induced vehicle accident involving waking up in a ditch while traveling 110 kms an hour and becoming momentarily airborne…but I feel like I’m over it. It’s yesterday’s news.

No, I have much happier things to write about. To gush over, as one might say. Love is in the air and life is good. Feels like that kinda sums up exactly how I am feeling right now, but let’s take it farther.

There’s a movie about forces keeping a man and a woman apart, because if they’re allowed to be together, each of them “is enough for one another”. That line will stick with me always; I friggin love it. It’s the statement that he would no longer care to pursue his “life dreams” or whatever on behalf of her, or vice versa, where she would willingly trade in her life’s passions to be with him. Cost is involved in any relationship, tho not always to these magnitudes. And I’m set on a path that I won’t deter from, which is making my sitcom into a true reality.

But back to that sentiment.. being so content with someone else, that simply being with them..It is enough.

I’m feeling it and it’s good. Warming to a woman, really getting to know her and not only hearing but being heard, as it all just falls into place… such a rarity in life and so I’m grabbing hold and hard.

So much more to be said but really, I prefer feeling in this case to documenting. That’s all I’ve got.

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