So it’s one thing to have life just plain old happen and things fall apart, problems arise or frustrations run rampant. We face this daily. But what about when we intentionally place obstacles in our paths for a greater good, knowing that the only way to get to the good stuff is through the mess?

I’m seeing this in my own life to a great degree as of late. And as much as I know it’s the way to what I want, I still don’t exactly enjoy this part of the journey. Who would?

The road ahead is laden with moves, new schools, new jobs, life with the most amazing woman… okay, I don’t consider life with my girl an obstacle but just putting it on the list. Just cause. But I’m hoping you’re picking up what I’m laying down.

It’s the road less travelled. I know that in this chapter of my life, which involves new love and paving the way for my success as a television writer, there will be a series of road blocks to overcome. Of course there will be! I am the one who is setting this all up!

But in a way, these necessary problems aren’t as bad as life’s random ones. I have (or at least feel like I have) control over these obstacles. And I pretty much do. When to let the cat out of the bag, where to send my kids to school, the convo with their mother, where to rent, what job to seek. All of this is planned; crafted, if you will. Even if you won’t, I will. And have.

I’m not much of an “enjoy the journey” kind of man, not instinctively anyways. In this case, I am convinced though that I need to be. Yes, I want the end result but really, there is no end so why should I put my head down and plow through? These self-imposed obstacles will be shaping the outcome that I desire to obtain, so this guy’s going to be embracing it as much as one thirty eight year old man can.

So now it’s buckle-in time, y’all. My ride is about to start. And you? Got any intentional obstacles lined up?

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