Am I who I am, or do I just let you see what I want to be seen? And what about you.. how do you represent yourself?

I am a father. I’ve dedicated myself and my life to my three children since day one for over fifteen years now. It’s a side of me not everyone sees but it’s a side I like everyone to know exists. But is that who I am?

I am a lover. I was briefly what one might consider a “man whore” of sorts. I craved the attention of women and basked in it. Ultimately it made me feel empty but I still lived that chapter. Is that who I am?

I am a manager. Tho a work in progress, the bottom line is I am in charge of directing and managing a handful of humans at my day job. I lead, or do my best in this endeavour, and am part of the functioning company as a whole. But is this who I am?

I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ and I raise my children in these same beliefs. I once lived apart from these ways but found life empty, so I came back to what was instilled in me as a child. It is a strong part of the moral fibre of me, day in day out. But is this who I am?

I am a writer. All of me screams to create. This is what gives me the most pleasure and what contains the most passion for me in this world. No matter how drained I may feel at the end of a day… give me pen and paper and I’ll be refreshed and recharged. And friggin happy. Is this who I am?

I am an idiot. I’m quite certain I have made more wrong choices than I have made right. Probably not, but it feels like it over all. I learn but will most definitely still screw up a bunch. Maybe I should apologize to myself and to the world in advance. Probably won’t. Is this who I am?

One would quickly deduce that I am all of these things combined. And I wouldn’t completely disagree. On top of that sordid list, I am many more things, just like you are. But deep down, I can only be one because I am just one, just like you.

So do I pick my favorite from the list? Is that how I discover who I really am? Or is it yet to be revealed?

Once you discover who you really are is when you can truly shape your own future and it’s when you can let go of so much other junk hanging around your neck.

So? Who are you?

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