The tagline for the movie Braveheart is, “Every man dies. Not every man really lives”. Well I feel like I’ve lived. Not to the William Wallace degree of rebelling against English rule, starting a war and changing history but I’ve done some stuff and seen some stuff.

If I keep comparing my life to others, I can be wildly boring or my life can be the epitome of an exciting existence, so I’m dropping the comparisons. Let’s begin.

Ok crap, now I feel like I’ve built up my semi-mundane life way too much. Maybe unread what you have just read and I’ll toss out some facts about moi.

I was born a stutterer. Ya, you read that right… did I stutter?! See what I did there? Anywho. Ok maybe I wasn’t born into it but pretty much because at the age of two my speech went downhill, like, with me still at the top of said hill. With certain people it was so bad I couldn’t get a word out. I had to write things down as a means to communicate. All of my childhood was like this.

At the age of 15, I walked away from my Christian upbringing and all within literally a two-week period I had sex, started smoking cigarettes, experimented with marijuana, started drinking and formed a thrash metal band. I’m not even kidding. Sidenote.. that thrash metal band turned into a death metal band in a year or so. Upgraded the heavy. Anywho.

What else….? Oh ya. I lived on a Native reserve for a bunch of years and knocked up a local. Turns out she’s the mother of my three children. Anywho.

What about that time my twin daughters were paralyzed for about 6 months? Darkest days of my life. And all the craziness involved in separating then divorcing my wife, and battling in court for our three children…and winning? Also part of my life.

Who could forget the man whore chapter? I wish I could. It was preceeded by an engagement gone wrong and legal troubles with an ex who will forever remain shameless.

This past year alone has held more than enough “excitement” for me. Birthing the idea of writing a sitcom was a high point, for sure. Being unemployed shortly after for two months was not. Moving in with my mother at 38, and still job cycling definitely hasn’t been ideal, though I love ya Mom, you’ve been a great help. Not that she’ll read this. Anywho.

I just nutshelled it, and for a blogger who prefers not to blog on “himself”, I kinda blew it and did just that. But I want to flip it. I just “celebrated” some of the most memorable twists and turns of my existence and I want you to do the same. We all live, that’s a given. And we all die. Sure, some classic logic there. And these are not really highlights so much as stand-out moments, and definitely scenarios that have shaped who I am today.

We all have much more to be written, in the pages of our lives. Go nuts. Live it up. Anywho.

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