Do Not Beaver Dam It

What about this Life thing?! How incredibly unpredictable. How shocking and strange, yet for some reason perfect and in its place. It’s like why do we even stress about stuff? What is the point? Only makes matters worse, and ultimately the proverbial cookie crumbles exactly where said crumbs are meant to fall. This is my line of thinking at any rate.

Today, at approximately noon o’clock, I proposed marriage to a woman I met in the late summer. What! Right? This was not “the plan”. The plan was to move in with my mom for a year to regroup, save and get help with my kids, while writing and planning my move to Vancouver and then to Los Angeles to pursue my television sitcom.

So to reiterate…falling in love, proposing and marrying all within under a half a year was not what I envisioned for my life.

But alas, this is where Life has led me and I fully embrace it. Not because this was inevitable and it was my destiny, but because I absolutely adore this amazing woman that has come into my world and fully captivated all that is Kris. Those other factors are added gravy.

And the seasonings on top of said gravy is that my other grand plans of pursuing my writing career in BC and LA are fully supported by my wife-to-be,  and how wonderful is that!! I’m lovin’ it.

In conclusion, this quick little thought is actually very monumental and it needed acknowledgement. Plans and Life can coexist but they usually don’t, and it doesn’t take what they call a “keen eye” to recognize this. “Go with the flow” feels like such a pot headed statement but it’s kind of how Life unfolds before us and if we plan too much and attempt to beaver dam it, well, there’s no stopping “the flow”, you get me?

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