In a quiet city, nestled within mountains, a most extraordinary boy was born. Charlie had a normal birth, with no physical or psychological defects. But one thing separated him from every other human living on this earth: he had the ability to see both angels and demons.

As a young boy, constantly seeing these both gruesome and glorious supernatural visions, he wasn’t phased and assumed everyone saw them. These fierce creatures never engaged Charlie, and even though he saw many battles between these ancient foes, he felt at peace. But this didn’t last forever.

Right before his tenth birthday, the sightings increased. The wars within these entities, revolving around claiming human souls, was happening all around him and overwhelmed him substantially. He spoke of his visions for the first time to his mother and his two older sisters. They were all church attendees with religious backgrounds, but instantly criticized Charlie for such lies. He never felt so alone.

It was next to impossible for him to keep it together, so he spoke of the visions often, as often as they were unfolding before his eyes. He’d describe hideous carnage of a blood red demon with a face half-human, half-monster devouring a man’s soul, only to be stopped by a glowing blue majestic angel chiseled in muscle, wielding a glistening sword, destroying the enemy methodically yet brutally.

His mother couldn’t process her son’s delusional outbursts. Night after night of tears led her to only one solution: that he has gone crazy and must be institutionalized.

On his eleventh birthday, she brought him to a sanitarium, vowing not to return until she got word that he was healed. Terrified of the questions and the probing of the resident doctors, and the incessant wailing and chatter of his peers also compartmentalized in cell after cell, he pushed through. On the positive side, there was limited spiritual warfare in this place and that gave him rest.

Soon Charlie learned the system and did as he was told. He didn’t deny the visions ever existed but he assured these inquiring doctors that he no longer experienced the terror that he had once known. Nearing his twelfth birthday, he confessed that he had made all of it up. He stated in many recorded interviews that he had wanted attention and suffered greatly from being without a father. He had practiced these confessions late at night in his cold cell, making sure to remain consistent. He wanted out of this place and this was his key.

Within a week, his mother returned and upon reassuring dialogue with the powers that be, Charlie was released back into her custody. As they drove home, the air was thick with silence. Unsure of what his mother was thinking, coupled with the uncertainty if he still had his gift, he sat with his eyes closed until they reached their front door.

Two years and many multi daily visions later, Charlie was the most alone he had ever felt and he desperately needed help, whether involving communicating with these beings or finding another person who could understand. The darkness surrounded him and the anxiety became great. The demons had begun engaging him…

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