Amongst The Darkness-5)

“Allow me to take you on a journey.”

Without waiting for a response, The Man was inside Charlies head. Dense forests and vast oceans flew beneath their feet. Ice and snow and waterfalls, then everything sped up and all that could be seen were streams of color then full darkness. Silence screamed as they floated in this outer corridor of nothingness in between heaven and earth.

“Follow my voice. Do not be lost.”

In the next second, Charlie felt and saw nothing but warmth. The glow of gold and the voices of praise echoed all around them. His spirit sang and he smiled wide for he knew he was at Home.

Everything his eyes laid upon could barely be explained. This was most definitely not earth. Glowing beings were everywhere, yet not the blue metallic angels he had seen in his city his whole life. These were people but…graduated. Reborn. They seemed to sway and sing, as though perfectly in tune with their Maker and what they were doing. They were called to it.

And then Charlie saw, amidst the vastness of this eternal place, hidden in the non – shadows and almost everywhere he looked… The angel armies. Rank upon rank, legions of these majestic yet fearsome creatures were evident in row upon row, far too many to count.

Some were sparring, others at rest, some alone. One of the bigger warriors made eye contact with Charlie and seemed to welcome him.

The Man was neither visible nor audible throughout the duration of this trip, yet Charlie knew He was the reason this was being shown to him. On earth, he feared these soldiers of light yet here at Home, he was among friends. There was no darkness to be amidst. All that surrounded was a perfect, brilliant light, emanating from The Source which had not yet been revealed to Charlie.

It was as though he was there for a thousand years, or was it a mere handful of minutes? Suddenly, the gold, and the peace, and the protection ceased to hold his heart, and he plunged from this place of everlasting abundance. The force of the pull back to reality was too much for Charlie and he awoke on his back, staring up at the sun.

The Man with the Mustache stepped into his light and questioned if Charlie was alright. He groaned and closed his eyes, muttering about how he wanted to go back. The Man smiled. Charlie would regroup before the debriefing began…

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