Leave Your ManWhore at the Door

It’s kind of blowing my mind that in like 18 hours I will be someone’s husband… and I mean that in the best way possible. After literal decades of wanting to find my “one”, to now be finally sealing the deal is so flippin awesome, to down play it a notch or ten.

Only looking forward, I love this girl beyond words and she is just what I need. How could I be so lucky? What did I finally do right that I deserve this?

Definitely glad to retire the serial dater side that flared up the past couple years. Stupid dating sites! Empty and gay. What was I even doing on said sites? Nothing good ever came from it. Or maybe I just sucked at them.

Feel like I should cartwheel down the aisle tomorrow, or even sashay. I want to enjoy the day, so I may or may not act a little retarded. It’s a small affair, but it’s meaning is huge.

Luckily, I got out of wearing a pink tie. I would have without complaint, but I mean come on.

Anywho, she’s an angel and she is mine. I adore her thoroughly. Blessed beyond measure. Her volumptuosity is merely icing on the cake. And I like icing.

I need to work on believing, fully, that I am deserving and worthy of her and all that she is. This guy allowed himself to get beaten up for years and it’s not that I’m damaged goods, it’s that I just need some reassurance. She’ll love me like I need to be. She’s everything I want.

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