Amongst The Darkness-6)

Charlie and The Man sat on an old bench in a quiet downtown park. The sun was high, and the mood was heavy. As inquisitive as he was, for maybe the first time, Charlie was unsure if he actually wanted to know his place here and why he had been chosen. His feelings of being the outcast in every way since birth flooded his mind as he searched for a reason to take it to the next level. He had no option but to have his mind opened further.

The Man was poised and ready, yet waited on Charlie as he worked through his muddled thoughts.

“Before you were born, you were divinely chosen. Touched with a purpose that only One other had, though what you are created for is nothing like what He came to do for us all. None other has been necessary in the ways out what you are involved with.” The Man’s words flowed deliberately and succinctly, and he paused to let Charlie process.

“The sights you have seen and the gifts you have inside you come with a most heavy cost. Your life is like no other. And you have beared this burden well, Charlie.” He smiled and put his hand on Charlies trembling shoulder.

Charlie remained puzzled. “But why do I see these things? Why am I chosen? What is my role? Can it be stopped?” Tears welled in his brown eyes.

Without words, The Man spoke directly to Charlies psyche. “Though you have not been directed in the visions you have seen, witnessing these acts of aggressive spiritual warfare has trained you. You know right from wrong. You fear both sides but understand whom we fight for. Charlie, your role is most vital. These spirits have begun engaging you, yes?” Charlie nodded.

The Man continued. “Just as they see you, they can communicate with you. And you with THEM. You hold power bestowed upon you by The One. I will teach you this power and in quick time you will be joining the battle.”

Charlie stared at the ground. When he looked up, he said “But what it my PURPOSE?”

The Man, without utterance, placed his hand across Charlies eyes, closing them. Electricity seemed to sear through him as he took in the vision The Man was unveiling. What Charlie saw was magnificent and he finally understood why all this was happening to him. He, after all this time, felt a relief in his spirit. A lightening of the load that he had always bore. His existence now held meaning…

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