Improving Every Day: An update on the writing stuff

Being eyeball deep in writing the fourth episode of my sitcom, I don’t normally blog due to my extreme focus on one project at a time. Maybe I’m developing as a writer, or maybe not but regardless I wanted to do up a posting. This is it.

Looking back, my intention was to create a sitcom and write the pilot episode and maybe one more. These would be my babies. And when I felt my babies were mature enough, I would sell their a$$es. Well, more so promote them to the point of the world being able to enjoy them, as they should. I penned the pilot, then numero two, which flowed so well I had no option but to write a third. Since then, I’ve been blogging and even created a new supernatural mini series through my blog which I am very proud of.

The not-too-distant future has me writing one to two spec scripts (scripts of existing television sitcoms), possibly a second pilot idea/show and a movie screenplay, all the while blogging as well. All of this work will go into my writing portfolio, along with any awards I hope to win from various writing contests along the way. And when the time is right (write?), the right (write?!) people will lay eyes on said work and the rest will be history.

All that being said, my ‘sitcom family’ I began missing. I have grown to enjoy ‘hanging’ with them. They’re fun ‘people’ and so I had to write episode four, and with what I think is my funniest story line yet. I dove into scene one last night and loved every second of the creation. Tonight I will paint both scene two and three, and it will be beautiful.

My passion for this/these projects is unceasing and I want it to be known. I know in my heart that all will work out because I live with favor. Open doors, and closed ones, at the right (write??) times.

‘My story’ will continue to unfold, as ‘my story’ continues to be written. Join in with me on my journey. Follow, share, yell it from a mountain top. That would be.. how you say.. amazing.

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