As Charlie opened his eyes, he stood in quiet silence. His purpose was finally revealed and he let it soak in to himself deeply, like a missing puzzle piece. The incredible knowledge The Man had bestowed on him was a burden, though one Charlie knew in his spirit that would not only benefit him, but all of mankind.

It was laid out clear as day. The gifts and visions Charlie had forever been cursed with is for the purpose of not only doing spiritual warfare alongside the angels in sending the demons back to hell, but he was chosen to bring salvation by the way of The One to any and all of those who would hear.

Instead of watching these ghoulish creatures feast on the souls of weak men, he could bring freedom to the oppressed, and send The Oppressor warnings and reminders that the battles he fights will be lost.

Charlie wore the knighthood well. He cherished what he faced, with eyes now wide open. He repeatedly questioned The Man on many topics from how does he know everything about Charlies gift, and how could he take them to heaven and many other pressing concerns that plagued Charlie.

As he pondered such things, Charlie felt a great stirring and he looked up to see 3 magnificent angels of blue soaring in unison in the sky above. With trumpets blasting and voices united,  they cried out, “He is the angel Gabriel.” They sung this over and again, while Charlie gazed upon The Man, who no longer looked like The Man. Huge wings jutted out of his back. He grew in height and in girth, revealing a muscular body and wielding a mighty Sword and Shield.

This gigantic 10 foot, 400 lb creature of speed and light stood before Charlie, then fell to a knee.

“Do you accept your gift?”

“I do” Charlie responded swiftly.

“Then it shall be known that you are amongst all Soldiers of Light, and we have the power, given to us by The One, to vanquish all enemies that grovel before us.” The angel Gabriel paused and sighed heavily, as though saddened. Then he continued.

“Charlie, as to fully consume your very mind as to the importance of your training, you are required to spend what you earthly creatures call ‘five minutes’ in the bowels of hell. You will be alone, as far as no angelic escort once we reach the hot gates, and your torment will be legendary. This is non negotiable. You will see and absorb many great horrors and feel eternal torture within the first second of arrival. Charlie, you need to know from what you are saving mankind.”…

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