Dawn Verses Dusk

For me to say ‘life is good’, it must be so. I’m not the most negative of Nancie’s but I generally view my existence as a series of monotonous moments, with a bunch of downs and the occasional up. Is this not typical of your life? Maybe I’m way off and more negative than I thought. But bottom line, for the past I-don’t-know-how-long my life has been good. Okay, its been pretty great. (Insert feeling of jinxing it by referencing it.)

To quickly re-cap, six months or so ago I found myself out of home and out of work so I moved my three children and myself to live with my mother in a little town. The time frame was one to two years to regroup and save then move to Los Angeles to pursue my out of control ambition to get my sitcom made. A few months (and much writing) later, enter Krista, my now wife. This is as nut shell’d as it gets but my world went from ‘I love my mom to death but living here is too hard’ to ‘I’m no longer single and I’m with the woman of my dreams who is supporting my writing goals and we are moving in together in 3 days’. One extreme to the next is kind of an understatement.

So yes, life is good. Like, really. God’s plan for not only my life but hers just blows me away, the little bit I get glimpses of at any rate. Doors keep opening and the blessings keep pouring out.

After the cold, dark night there is day. And with it comes the promise of light, warmth and newness, and that’s where I’m at right now.

Soon, even more will be new. Integration of our blended families will ultimately bring joy and peace, but off the cuff we brace for trouble and trauma. Change equals disturbance, but in this disturbance comes insight.

Where I am is the best place for me in the realm of where I have been. But what’s more than newsworthy is where I am going, for it is even a far better place than here.

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