Amongst The Darkness-8)

In a flash a white light, Charlie stood alone, facing the gates of hell. As the bloodied, boiling hot gate swung open, a swarm of oozing, vile demons clawed at Charlie, pinching and lifting him as though he were the guest of honor. Amidst the wretched air of hell, Charlie gulped and gasped for breath, as his skin, bone and hair felt seared in a hot frying pan and without fail. The pain was too much for anyone to handle, and it had only begun.

This cluster of Satan worshipping ghouls cast Charlie into what seemed like an bottomless pit, all the while his flesh tingled with a rotten firy sensation. Charlie wanted to cry out but his voice wouldn’t work and when he gasped for air, his lungs burned with a chocky sulphur. His life flashed before his eyes as he tumbled head over heels. In the thick darkness he could see nothing. Screams of other’s rang out, making his ears bleed.

As if waking from a nightmare, Charlie found himself sitting on a hill, hiding behind a wounded old tree, amongst a barren forest of old death. He looked down at his arms and his entire body was covered with a multitude of biting, burrowing insects eating their way into his smoldering skin. He cried out but there was no one to hear.

In the close distance, Charlie witnessed an enormous grotesque beast repeatedly stabbing and carving a bloodied, screaming woman. He removed her insides and other beasts clamored around, bathing in her blood.
Charlie rubbed his eyes incessantly, wanting to wake up and wanting to escape these sites but the torment continued. Surely he had been in this horrible place for days! But in reality only ninety seconds had elapsed.

From on top of the mountain on which Charlie had been hiding began to pour liquid fire, as though lava came forth. It quickly swallowed him and everything around him up. He came up for air but there were demons pushing his head down, drowning him in this swirling river of fire. Skin melting. Screams of terror. The torment increased.

Evil had won. There was no escape. Eternity was at hand, and the torment and suffering in the bowels of hell tricked Charlies brain into feeling it’s firm grip, everlasting.

There was no end, no relief. This truly was hell, the place where no person should have to be.

There is no escape.

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