Charlies eyes popped open. He quickly adjusted to his surroundings, and he genuinely thought it was a dream. He had JUST been through hell, literally, and the peace and coolness of where he now was, he embraced. It watered his eyes. Awakening in his own bed, amidst the white sheets and white comforter, he realized his room had never held so much comfort. He had escaped permanent torture. Unexplainable joy painted Charlies somber face.

He closed his eyes and was instantly reminded of the devastating sights and horrors Charlie had felt and witnessed. The vow was instantaneous; it was without words, only felt and stamped in his very soul…. Never to return. And not only that, but to prevent as many people from spending eternity there as possible.

The mission was clear. He just needed help implementing his vision of world wide salvation. He wanted to speak with The Man but even as Charlie called out for him, there was a distance he hadn’t known since coming in contact with him. It left him alone. And he didn’t know how to continue.

All this burdensome knowledge weighed extremely heavy and in lieu of his current lack of direction, Charlie settled back into his bed and shut out the world’s… Both physical and spiritual.

Thirty some hours later, Charlie awoke. And there stood The Man, at the foot of his bed. As Charlie focused, he bolted up as he drank in the sight of two giant angels, as though the personal bodyguards of The Man.

“You’re presence is required immediately. Make haste!”…

(This series will conclude with the tenth and final installment, coming soon..)

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