I wanna be somebody. Don’t you?

Theoretically, I already AM someone. I’m this. I’m that. I’m the other thing. But I define ‘somebody’ as one who’s found success, fortune and throw in a little bit of fame. Hey, if I can’t be honest and real then fuggedaboutit.

Let’s take a glance for but a moment at actors, professional athletes and rock stars. What do they all have in common that separates them from Joseph Blowseph?! I believe it’s a combination of mindset, intense drive and hard work. Or persistence in their chosen  field, if you will.

My current day job finds me driving a truck while exchanging clean mats for soiled ones at various businesses. I also provide said businesses with clean uniforms/coveralls and toilet paper and such. Heck, I even swap out the occasional urinal screen. I know you wanna be me.

But what I’m trying to say is that I could throw in one, two or three of those ‘tips to success’ and I still wouldn’t be George Clooney. Although, now re – thinking this…I could never incorporate a great out – of – the – box mentality at this job because it is completely designed to keep a person IN the box. And most are.

My thinking is bigger, as are my wifes, sons and daughters. Am I almost 40 and have I reached what I’m talking about? No. But the path I am on now, after wasting literal decades, will take me there.

Don’t like where you’re at job wise? Location wise? Overall life wise? Change it. Simple as that. Plan, focus and implement. I dare you.

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