Amongst The Darkness-10) The Conclusion.

Swords whizzed past Charlies head, clanging on contact and sending him scrambling. He quickly surveyed the scene. A massive jumbo jet had crashed in an open field and there were bloody bodies everywhere, some expired and some clinging to life. Sections of the aircraft, as well as people, were engulfed in flame. All you could hear was a sea of screams and moans of extreme discomfort, reminding Charlie of hell, from which no one can be saved from once you’re here. But this was way different. He COULD save them. He must try!

Ghastly demons swarmed the scene, collecting souls and encouraging death to those that remained alive. Rank after rank of angels descended from the heavens, in full battle mode upon the enemy.

Charlie dove hard and fast into the monumental task at hand. Those in the most dire looking condition he approached first. He asked for permission to pray for them and for them to receive The Gift of Eternal Life, and all were on board. Demons that had prowled upon these souls were instantly disintegrated as each soul chose life eternal.

Since he was still ‘alone’ at the scene of wreckage, his task was not just a spiritual one but physical as well. He was filled with supernatural strength as he pulled a man’s broken body from between collapsed seats. Charlie instructed the man to hold tight to his gaping stomach wound, keeping most of his entrails inside, as Charlie lead him to The Light.

Next, with the help of a man in decent
shape, they unburied a child beneath three mangled corpses, where at first only his reaching hand was visible, amongst the beat up bodies. He hugged Charlie tight as tears poured down his blood soaked little face. Then Charlie introduced him to salvation.

Charlie not only amazed the watching angels and The Man, but also himself. Here he was… A unapologetic defiant warrior, winning souls for The Kingdom. The powers of hell were no match, for he was servant to The One and Only, and none could defeat Him.

Eventually, paramedics arrived and upon finding Charlie attempting to resusicitate an elderly lady, they relieved this hero of his duties. He immediately collapsed on the ground and was loaded into an ambulance with top priority. His flesh now felt the impact of what his spirit had just been through and the victory that had been claimed. A trip to the hospital wasn’t necessary but he went along, knowing rest was needed desperately.

Later that evening, with plans laid out from The Man himself, Charlie knew the road ahead was going to be littered with laborious task after another. These were gargantuan jobs, and Charlie smiled to himself at the thought of embracing them and pressing on to more victories for The One he serves.

Amongst the Darkness, there must be light. Without that light, the nothingness is eternal. We all have a choice, and can serve only one Master, whether of darkness or of The Light. And like Charlie, who chose correctly, while we are Amongst the Darkness, we are never alone.

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