Valentines Day. V-Day, to many. What’s it all about (said the four year old…but we’re all kinda four inside…)? I’m going to delve into some of the myths, the unknown truths and show you some down-right dirt on the day of lovers, if it were.

It’s been hailed as, “The day that lovers love just a little bit more.” Also, been referred to as a “Day of pink, red and white bread”, whatever that even means. What is it to you? Do you look forward to it each February?

Fact is 46 out of 52 people count it down, as though it was Christmas. They celebrate a “Valentines Eve” of sorts, involving such activities as erecting a gingerbread house made of cinnamon hearts. Same ratio of humans feel the need to buy presents for coworkers which involves creeping into each of their houses shortly past midnight each v-day morning and leaving desirable treats behind for the loved and adored ones. Doesn’t make a lot of sense but I’m somewhat glad everybody gets a sweet treat of sorts.

Wanna know about the chocolate side of the day? Well, as we all know, chocolate consumption releases certain chemicals in our brains, not unlike a mini marijuana high. Chocolate not only tastes good but makes us feel good.

The history on it goes like this: french analysis governor Commandant Christophe de Ponthieu collected data on these levels of energy and micro managed their effects on 100 white mice, and what he discovered was quite astonishing. His research holds true to this day and that is that the neurotransmitters bind to the equilateral combustors on the highest of frequencies known to the northeastern borders mutating within a zero to eleven degree margin. Layman’s terms you ask? The mystery remains to this day.

It’s a lot to process so I’ll leave you to it in silence. Some say it’s simply just another day. I believe it is single handedly the most important day we observe on the north American calendar. Is it really about love, valentines, flowers and chocolate? No, not in the least. It’s about the fundamental value system we have in place. So sniff that rose and unwrap that heart shaped box. Because in the end, does any of this make any sense whatsoever?

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