Do You Hate Your Job… Or Does Your Job Hate You?

Do you ever wonder why it is we hate work so much? On the surface, it seems quite obvious that we’d much rather be doing anything but working. To discover the real truths of it we must delve much, much deeper.

According to British research, earning money symbolizes virility and success. For our classic North American minds to stretch that far is quite something, considering we look at work as a time waster. The Brits are understanding it to be that we sabotage our own success by turning it into a negative, which I can see now maybe for the first time ever. But just wait… there’s more..

Humans are never satisfied with much of anything. If your job was taken from you, one would desperately need another to replace it immediately, filling one for the other. In actuality, what we should be doing in the case of being fired or even laid off is to ‘buck the system’ as it were and turn to crime. It may sound not only immoral and illegal, but once you wrap your mind around it, you will see nothing but unadulterated pure logic. Let’s examine this.

John Q. Davenshire gets laid off from his job. He spends the next month applying for work, stressing about money and basically feeling like a complete loser in life. He finally settles for a job, earning a third less than what he made the month prior and the job itself is at Walmart. By definition of Leonard Kazinskji, “that is nutty.”

We need to reboot John’s mindset here and quick. Let’s take a look at what he SHOULD have done, shall we?

Immediately after the layoff, he goes into a gun store and buys two sawed-off shotguns, naming them Larry & Irene. Stopping at a bank on the way home (no, not to inquire about his balance), he makes a huge “withdrawal” aka robbing the joint. Now he has cushioned the blow of not having work with a nice little pillow of two hundred K. Not too shabby, am I wrong? Mindsets, people.

In conclusion, it can be said that to love ones work, you must not work for the work, but have it work for you. Don’t be a slave to your boss, but have him be a slave to you. It’s simple logic.

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