Insane in the membrane. Insane in the brain. I’m reminded of that classic vocal riff as I prepare myself to put the proverbial pen to paper and write a bit about the human brain.

The brain. All squiggly and pink and cushiony. Yet beyond the surface, there is a lot going on.

Okay, let’s skip the obvious stuff.

My wife is currently dealing with a phase 7 concussion. Just kidding, I don’t know phases but hers is quite brutal. I had one from a vehicle accident as well (a T-boning, as it were) and I wouldn’t want one again. I feel her pain, though it seems as she’s “beaten me” in the severity.

A massive blow (or 2 in her case in her terrifying rollover) to the noggin and boom.. well, you’ve heard of scrambled eggs? Try scrambled brains. See what I did there? You get it.

The brain swells and pushes against the skull, which has zero give, creating these massive headaches as well as all the other wonderful parting gifts. I’m talking about slurred speech, nausea/vomiting, dizziness, light sensitivity and unbalance. There are more but you get the general gist of it all.

It has been advised my wife do only 2 things over the next few weeks: eat and sleep. Her sensory is overloaded in doing virtually anything including reading, looking at her phone, watching TV or even simply moving around too much. Somebody give this girl a darkened room and a bell to order food and request bathroom visits!

Bed rest is key-ish but on the flip side, she needs regular movement (ya bowels included but I wasn’t going there til YOU thought of it!). Her muscles will lock up if she’s constantly immobile so it’s a bit of a catch 35. Get it? She’s 35 and… ya.

Anyway, I digress. The brain is an amazing place, and if it gets shaken not stirred, all kinds of nightmarish problems arise. I’ve been there. I’m still possibly somewhat delayed due to my concush. I just wish full healing for my sweet, demure, wonderful wife.

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