The Next Step Requires Voluntary Movement

Change and progression are an inevitability in life, and I, for one, am all for it.

That being said, I feel like overall progression in every aspect of one’s daily life is not in the cards. I can’t check all boxes at once. I guess I’d be perfect if I could. It’s more of a ‘this area is under construction and these three are needing work but aren’t receiving much attention yet’ and that, my friends, is simply how it is.

With that said, I haven’t hit any walls. It’s more so that I feel stagnation setting in with one or more scenarios in my life and I’m adjusting as needed before any ‘danger points’.

I love blogging. I chose to do them as a means of writing practice, coinciding with my other writing projects like penning my sitcom. There’s been times where I have focused on the blog and others where my focus is my other projects, sometimes not posting a blog for weeks.

Currently, I’m leaning away from these ‘typical’ blogs. I enjoy the process thoroughly but the basic formula is feeling mundane at this point and I want to shake it up to stay in the game, or do I step out and focus on my other projects?

Other current projects include writing the second half of my second sitcom and more importantly, beginning writing on my first movie screenplay which is based on a blog series I used to write. Feeling extremely creative on that one.

How does one be ‘better’? This is always what I strive for yet often the side tracking is more than embarrassing. This is in fact the theme I’m writing about, in a nut shell of sorts. I fully believe that to be better and to accomplish all that I want, it’s circular and embracing that will only help.

If I’m tired, I lack creatively. If I’m stuck in a boring rut, what do I have to offer this machine that I’m building/a part of? Focus is key, focus is the oil to my writing engine.

Lost yet? I friggin hope not. Ultimately, like a whale who can stay submerged for up to 90 minutes, we all got to come up for air.

I desire change! Timing is fairly critical though not make or break critical. What is most important is sensing the necessary change and adjusting as smoothly as possible.

I desire progression! I need to get better. Grow. Evolve. Whatever. You get me.

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