From Birth to Death and Nothing Less

It’s one thing to want to change the world. It’s another discovering how to implement it and with success.

I am a world changer. I am different. These are facts I’ve always known about myself, yet for the most part of my 39 years, I’ve let lay dormant in me.

The focus wasn’t there. It was always ‘How do I get there?’ or firstly I guess,  ‘Where am I going?’. Which leads me to the realization that we always need a map, or some sort of blueprint. There is a process, a set way of doing things. There is a formula and changing it up a bit can be okay, but completely reinventing it isn’t a good idea either.

Let’s take a peek at movies, for example. I have a radical idea and even more radical way of implementing it, or writing. Will my new method work in the end? No. Well, there are exceptions but for the most part, my movie would suck. Again, there is a process. A movie needs to be written in three acts. The protagonist needs to be introduced as soon as possible, we discover an inciting incident (something happens to our main character, whom we need to identify with) and it’s set in motion.  Act two ups the stakes and the same trouble is happening but we are introduced to a new dilemma, inside the original one. By the time act 3 begins, we’ve found some success but at the same time things worsen for our hero and a way out or climax happens right before the end credits roll. There is a proven system and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s parallel it to the music industry next. Metal, whether varying inter – genres like thrash, death or whatever, go hand – in – hand with dark lyrics. I couldn’t imagine one of these heavy bands singing country style lyrics and it holding the same resonance. Gangsta rap wouldn’t be gangsta rap if contained Christian lyrics that uplifted ones soul. There are systems at work and that work.

But what about new stuff? What about Thomas Edison and his whole light bulb idea? Can ‘new’ come out of nowhere and actually work? These are the world changers.

How do they pull it off? What process did they follow that they tweaked to make something brand new? Their entire process was off the beaten path, yet they did something huge and it was not only successful but great.

That’s on a grand scale, mind you. I’m not looking to invent a daily device that makes life better. I’m looking to inspire and create, while the whole world watches. I’m wanting to create within a creation. To make new amidst an existing entity.

Ultimately, premeditation works. Thinking before you speak, or in this case, thinking before you create or invent. The maps/systems/processes we use are programs for success. Tweak and question, but realize what has worked before, for yourself or others, and implement it. Life just got easier.

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