Like a volcano erupting liquid hot magma, the creativity floweth from within this guy. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt this alive before!

A few weeks back, I entered into another period of less-writing/more-educating on the writing process itself, this time more specific to both movie screenplays, as well as a Web series. It’s a time of sharpening my tools and soaking up the blueprint of these mediums, before proceeding with any more projects.

Amidst this period of learning, I have found myself not only brimming with new ideas, but also executing said ideas, all the while birthing even more. It could be considered overwhelming if I didn’t love it so much! The passion of it all washes away anything but pure enjoyment of putting pen to paper and watching it flow.

With writing, creation is endless. It’s scope doesn’t have a beginning or ending. There are no rules. Imagination is everything!

That being said, these are a few of the reasons I get so swept up in my process. Like an ant in chinatown, the only thing miniscule is me.

Leaning towards an intense, original motion picture screenplay based on a series of blogs I wrote earlier this year, I have found myself diving into two different Web series ideas. This medium interests me greatly as it could be the foot-in-the-door that I need to promote my original projects like the sitcom. The ‘mini sitcom’ theme of writing webisodes leaves a bottomless pit and a ceiling-free sky of potential creation.

Writing on writing is down-write fun. Not blogging for a while makes a man miss it, but it’s enough said. I need to get back to letting loose the voices from within. The stories, and the characters, the dialogue, the battles and the victories, the trauma, the laughter… I gotta go.

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