I’m not even going to ask if you ever find yourself caught up in the hullabaloo.  We all know that spot well and some of us actually live there. I try not to. It’s more of an off-shoot and a “oh great, I’m here again” feel than a destination or a place I want to reside in.

A busy day turns into a busy week. Exercise gets put on hold, or sleep, or the book you intended on finishing. We tell ourselves to just get through, as though when its run its course, all will be rainbows and unicorns. Welcome to the hullabaloo. Not unlike the jungle.

The work week is insane. Kids homework and general demands overwhelm. You find yourself literally trying to catch your breath. Welcome to the hullabaloo.

A disagreement arises between your spouse and you. Dinner burns. Your buttocks burns in the tanning bed. Welcome to the what? The Hullabaloo.

Is it a word? Totally. Dictionary.com defines it as a clamorous noise or disturbance, or an uproar.

I know you’ve said it out loud at least twice while reading this. You can’t deny it’s fantastic ridiculousness. I feel like it originated out of Barney Rubble’s psychy, flowing through his crazy voice, followed by the “eeyall-hull-hull” laugh of his.

Okay, now I’m craving an episode or two of The Flintstones. I’ve gone off course. But I won’t apologize because hey, a blog posting on the word hullabaloo doesn’t exactly stand on its own anyways, now does it.

In conclusion to this divine topic, the resolution isn’t difficult to see. Does hullabaloo happen? Non stop. Do I have a fix-it strategy for you to navigate your way through these trying times? Probably not. Was there a point to this posting? I basically feel like my enjoyment of the word/concept of hullabaloo needed to be stated and we all are dumber because of it.

You’re welcome.

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