A Little Mexican in Me

Tonight, I’m going to go to bed in Alberta. Okay, tomorrow night too. But come Saturday, I’ll be bedding down in a little place I like to call Cancun, or Cancuner, if you will.

A Honeymoon can be best described as a moon for your honey aka better half. I never had one in my first marriage, may she rest in peace. Anyways, now I get my shot alongside my adoring and deciduous wife, Krista Lee B.

Seven days in heckishly warm temperatures, all inclusive. Nothing wrong with that.

I plan to write a lot while I’m there. I mean let’s face it…. what else does one do on a honeymoon?! I have more webisodes to pen and I want to get a good solid chunk of my movie screenplay up and running to boot. You bet your booty.

Am I grateful I endured countless hours of Dora the Explorer and Diego when my girls were younger? It’s going to pay off big time on this vacation, all the vocab I learnt will be of use.

Would I look good in a sombrero? Food for thought.

Been trying to develop a tan base the past few weeks. The wife thinks I’m white as ever but considering my glowing, albino armpits, I believe I have established said base. I guess you could say it’s my one and only semi fear… stepping onto the beautiful sandy, sunny beach and lovin it for day one then burning my beautiful buns and staying indoors for the other 6 days. Snap.

Bottom line… it’s all going to be about an amazing vacation, just moi and my wonderful wife. Time together I cherish and will completely savor every moment! It’ll be a taste of rest and a taste of what the rest of my life looks like. And people… it’s lookin good.

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