Uno Momento, Por Favor


Day 6. Cancuner. Livin it up amongst the speedos, iguanas, margaritas and senoritas. Okay, just uno senorita…my ladyfriend Mrs. Krista Lee Bobosky.

Can’t exactly say I’m hatin it down here. No cooking. No cleaning. No working. No parenting. It’s pretty danged delightful, one might say.

It’s easy to complain about the heat, as we did upon arrival and every day after. But when in Rome I spose. Hot and wet. Even the pools are warm, save the dolphin tank, in which I literally lost my shorts while being pulled by one of the water mammals.

We made some life long friends to boot…some from Britain, some from the States, some from Canada. Nothing like people from every walk of life coming together in this little piece of hellish heaven on earth.

The night life has been legendary. From the streets of Playa del Carmen and the famous Coco Bongo disco to the Hacienda including its discotheque to the day to day entertainment in our very own resort. Casual and subtle, and never a dull momenta.


The refreshment of this down time has been priceless. Each day has passed along at the perfect rate; never lagging and equally, never flying by.

It’s recharged me for life as it were back home. With so many big changes on the horizon with the upcoming province then country moves, as I follow my writing ambition, I have a new wind, not simply a second wind.

Life can indeed be grande. With the right people around you, positive choices and a divinely lead path ahead of you, placing one foot in front of the other has never felt so good.

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