In the Clutches of Something Stupid

It’s fair to say we all have free will, or the power of choice. That being said, and us humans as being the top of the ol’ food chain, you’d think making the right choice wouldn’t be as challenging as it so often seems.

Creatures of habit. We are what we do. Actions speak louder than words. Dangit, I wish I’d coined some of these aptly used slogans but guess what? I did not. But I can and will use the flip outta them.

How countless are the times my (yes, fully functioning) brain has flashing-neon-signed the correct decision…yet my heart (what I REALLY wanna do) has trumped. And I enjoy my selection for a time, then cycle back to “guess what, guy, you gone and done chose wrong again!”. Yes, the grammar there is by my selection.

How many thousands of times in my 39 ish years have I wished I had gone with “the other choice”, or the correct/smart one? Again, it’s countless. It is without count, for the layperson.

At this point you’re thinking does this boy do anything right? And the answer, my friends, is yes, often. Usually. Multi daily. Yet, I do manage to screw up enough to feel the need to blog about it.

Do I need councelling? Most likely, I mean I think we all do to some capacity. But alas, you can’t fix stupid, or so I imagine. Do I pay someone to be a secondary inner voice, to call this person in my time of indecision and then I’ll choose better? Nah. A) That’s dumb and B) It’s stupid.

My inner voice, or the toga angel dude straddling my right shoulder, is indeed a genius. He’s the smartest. He has, what could be considered, a PhD in Adept Astuteness. (Look them up, individually). I respect him thoroughly.

My heart is often a bully. What it wants, it gets, oftentimes no matter the cost, quite literally. It takes no prisoners. It’s hunger is insatiable. It doesn’t sleep. It really needs to be slapped into submission, yet I’m too often the one submitting. Screw you, heart.

I need alignment. I’m out of whack, more often than I like. Quick, somebody knock my heart unconcious. It doesn’t deserve to live.

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