This Kids on a Comeback

No lie about it…this boy has been making a lot of lazy, unhealthy choices for quite some time now.

Relationship wise, I’m healthy. My wife/me/kids connection is sound. Day job wise, I’m on track. Writing career, never better.

Spiritual walk hasn’t been stellar, my food choices haven’t been outstanding and my gym life has sucked royally. Take into consideration, for the past four months I have healed from a lower back strain and am currently on the last leg of recovering from a bout of tennis elbow.

I’m the guy that’s in the gym 5/6 days a week. I’m the guy that eats a lot but ninety percent of that is super healthy. I’ve just been in a funk of sorts in these regards and bottom line here, folks, is that I’ve snapped the heck out of it.

I’m back, baby and it feels good. Well…back-ish. On the road, at any rate. Back behind the wheel and accelerating slowly but nonetheless moving forward.

Finding these new levels feels amazing, reminiscent of Donkey Kong. I despise being stuck, running the same negative cycles, and beating myself up because of it. It’s unexplainable how magnificent it feels to look yourself in the eye and be at peace with the person looking back.

I want my sexy back, and only for me. Okay, my wife can enjoy as well. For me, the discipline comes easy once the regime is established. It’s the getting-back-in that’s the tricky part.

But alas, I’m here. I’m in. And I’m smiling.

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