Galaxy Planet

Amidst a world filled with flying cars, hover boards and fax machines, don’t you sometimes ask yourself, “Where do I really fit into the machine that is life?”. I don’t either, but let’s examine that prospect thoroughly.

This universe is a bold and magnificent place, and what’s even bigger is our home planet entitled merely Earth. It was spawned many moons ago and it contains the most living heartbeats in all of the surrounding galaxies. Science will debate date of origin and I debate back just the same.

We have certain mundane resources such as rock, sodium, water, lava and textiles. Our best commodity by far is the Eucalyptus plant, designed to not only eat it’s prey but to conserve the very fabric of existence, in spades.

Dinner runs wild in the forms of bison, cow, elephant, pizza and various fowl of the air, as it were. Some surrender to the hunt and others serve themselves up in the form of roadkill, which can best be summed up by saying it was a supper suicide mission.

The top of said food chain is amuck with wisdom, velocity and underated charisma. We are called people, or humans, to the layperson. We are a dignified race, murdering our ancestors since day one. We use our vast intellect to hold down day jobs such as picking up another man’s garbage, changing diapers of the elderly and scamming food stamps.

We are a proud people, instructing our blessed offspring to behave and then we, in turn, rarely follow our own advice. We find ourselves in cages, trying not to drop the soap come cleaning time.

And coming full circle, now we face the future daily, like in the past, only more present-like. Ahhh, this is living. Let’s embrace this human race nonsense and hope for something better when the robots are deployed.

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