Soup and Sandwiches

This is a literal blog about literal soup and sandwiches.

Take two pieces of bread. Health-wise, I don’t prefer white but let’s face it, it’s the tastiest. Next, I’m talkin about taking a nice size dallop of margarine (any brand will do) and smearing the heck out if it onto the two slabs of bread.

Oh ya…slam a frying pan down on a burner and crank the heat to say medium-ish. When you’ve touched said pan and have received a nice little burn on the palm of your hand, this signifies the timing of dropping one bread, margarine side down, onto the semi-hot pan.

At this point in the game, you’re going to want to either slice some cheddar or use cheese slices and load up the naked face of your bread. Yes, I said naked face. Upon completion, seal it up with the other piece of bread, preferably margarine side up.

After maybe three minutes, give or take, flip it and toast up the other side. Wait another three then voila, shut the heat off and slap that steaming sandwich onto a plate of your choosing.

Previous to this sandwich cookery, follow these applicable steps in order to whip up a nice boiling pot-o-soup, to compliment your delightful sandwich.

Grab a can of soup. Any can. Open it (you figure that part out). Dump contents into a decent to small size pot on a lit burner, again, around the medium heat range. Next, you’re going to want to either mix in a can of milk or a can water (read your can and do the math. I can’t hold your hand through everything in this life).

Then grab a whisker (not from your cat. I’m talking about that mixing dealio thingy). Mix the flip out of your concoction, until it looks no longer chunky. Stir occasionally and sip to see how hot it’s getting. Don’t let too many people see that part, as they may be disgusted by germs and the like.

Basically, within about five minutes or so, it should be done. Scoop a couple huge ladles worth into a bowl and dig in, literally.

And there you have it. Soup and sandwiches. Any other questions?! I didn’t think so.

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