How many times can we be reborn? Physically..never. Spiritually..once. But in regards to reinventing ones self, and seeing ourselves as something and becoming it..the sky is pretty much the limit.

Looking back, I have had three major instances where I had myself convinced I was one thing, until things changed, twice any way.

I was on the road to be a rock star. It was a short journey of a jaunt but nonetheless it was how I saw myself. I had a band and that was all I wanted. Then my, at the time, promiscuous self changed things and I had my son. The rock star dream fizzled and I was faced with “the real world”. No offense, Jeremy.

About a year or so after that chain of events, I realized my calling as a family day home provider aka teacher of children, or what I like to refer to as a “child whisperer”. This role provided much for me and my family. It sustained the unit of my children and I through a divorce, it allowed me to be around my children daily as I brought them up and it paid the bills, somewhat.

It also opened doors to a position as Coordinator of two children’s programs, overseeing close to a hundred children and nearly twenty staff.

But it served its purpose and I yearned to retire from it, knowing I didn’t want to be fifty and working with young children and secondly, I knew there was something greater out there for me.

As of eighteen or so months ago, I officially recognized myself as a writer. Not in the paid day job kind of sense quite yet, but I’ve been honing my skills and have emersed myself in many writing projects.

This is the “one”, the real deal for me, the greatest career rebirth I will experience. Okay, that limits me but you know what I’m saying. How do I know this is the real me as opposed to the rock star or the professional parent? I know it because all three are elements of me, on a daily basis, but this is the pinnacle of who I am.

All three involve creative elements. Nothing gives me more life than creating, it’s the strongest passion embedded in my DNA. For the most part, I write daily and to be able to do it to my full potential and to see the rewards…it’s why I pursue it so adamantly.

We mostly live in the in-between. It was years upon years until I saw myself reborn. And then more time went by without any focus or direction on who I was in that sense, to the point of a decade elapsing before my eyes were opened to the gift I carry inside and am now sharing and exploring all the time.

So some questions could be posed. Are you doing what you’re meant to do? Is this direction surrounded by passion and down right electricity? Everybody should know that feeling and succeed in it daily.

Follow where you need to be. Meet who you need to meet. Whatever it takes for you to be who you see yourself as! Anything less crushes us in its mundanity.

We’re smart people. We know when we aren’t living to our full potential. Fight for it.

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  1. Great post, Kris! I firmly believe that creating is its own reward, and everyone can regularly pursue their passion in some form.

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