One Foot in the Grave-3)

A loud knock at the front door broke her twisted thoughts and she came back to reality with a gush of emotion.

Her half-scream woke Jayce. In the time he had to sit up, she tucked the knife behind her back and with her other hand she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“Mommy, what are you holding?” Anneliese had been the one knocking and she now stood in the open doorway.

Jayce questioned, “Kendra, what’s going on? Honey?”

She stood there, frozen, unsure of what to do. Taking big steps backwards towards her daughter and the exit, she kissed Anneliese on the cheek and then bolted down the hallway, grabbing her keys on her way out the front door.

Overcome with shock and adrenaline over what she came close to committing and how she had coldly exited from her family, Kendra couldn’t catch her breath. She fumbled with the key in the ignition; couldn’t make it in, couldn’t make it turn.

She looked up to see Jayce holding Anneliese, staring at his frantic wife through the curtains of the front room window. Finally, she started the engine and backed out crazily down the driveway before speeding away down the street.

“What am I doing!!” She screamed at herself as she flew down the highway. With phone in hand, she dialed her friend Sierra.

With tears streaming, she confessed what just took place and how the latest night out for her husband made her snap. She pleaded with Sierra for help, because she knew that she was on the verge of killing him and nothing could stop her.

Kendra spoke of her nightmares and her daytime delusions of seeing him die and the apparent peace that would supply her with. She didn’t care if her kids were fatherless. As far as she was concerned, he didn’t deserve any of them in his life, and more importantly he didn’t deserve life itself.

Her friends advice was this: ending him would be the death of her. Sierra advised that she take another avenue…to date other men and let Jayce feel the vengeful sting. Sierra spoke of how this will take her mind off of her current state of panic and how this is her best option. From one best friend to another.

Thanking Sierra, Kendra ended the call. She pulled the Oldsmobile to the side of the road, off a secluded stretch that winded up a hill. She got out of the car, and with the knife back in her hand she walked several paces, to the edge of a waist-high chain link fence separating her from a huge embankment.

With her arm outstretched, she dug the tip of the blade into the inside of her forearm. The searing pain made her feel alive. The hurt took her mind off her panic and elevated heart rate. She poked the tip in again, a few centimeters away from the first wound.

As blood leaked from the holes in her flesh, she finally found her breath. She was changing, evolving, graduating to someone new….

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