One Foot in the Grave-4)

Kendra sat nervously in her car, parked outside of a dimly lit, hole-in-the-wall restaurant. She watched a thin man enter, carrying what could only be a bundle of flowers. With eyes rolling, she stepped foot onto the wet pavement and holding a book as a makeshift umbrella, she darted inside the establishment.

Kendra approached the man she assumed was her blind date from the Internet.  “Um hi, are you Stuart?”

He got up and offered a hug. “So nice to meet you, Kendra”. She hesitated, then let him touch her. Her hands remained at her sides. “Please, sit.”

The chit chat was mindless banter that bored her to death before she could even process it’s mundanity. At one point in the conversation, going back to his place (in an apartment above the diner, no less..) became a reality and she accepted. Complete revenge was around the corner.

When she stepped into his cramped apartment, you could smell the mildew, almost as if death was in the air.

His hands were on her body, his mouth on hers. She was pushed onto the single bed and his body enveloped hers.

Kendra’s skin crawled. She couldn’t go through with this. This skinny animal was overtaking her and he needed to be stopped. Jayce, or any man, made her sick to the deepest part of her gut, and cheating was now clearly not her answer.

She squirmed and pushed his body off hers. He latched back onto her like the bottom feeding leech of a man he was, or in her eyes anyway.

“No, no, NO!!” shouted Kendra to her insatiable attacker. As he began tearing open her blouse, her right hand fumbled with the night stand and it’s contents. She palmed the heavy glass lamp and in one fluid motion, cranked him across his sweaty forehead. He collapsed to the floor beside the bed and yelled out in pain.

As quickly as she could, Kendra grabbed her keys and her purse. With one heel on, she stumbled toward the door attempting to put the other one on her hopping foot.

She heard a commotion behind her and as she turned, the enraged man launched himself across the room and tackled her, sending her headlong into the front closet, right beside the exit.

Wire coat hangers flew everywhere as she hit her head in the back wall. She felt warm blood trickling down her face, standing there as she collected her thoughts.

She felt his clammy hand on the back of her neck, pulling her towards him. With a coat hanger in her grasp, she unraveled it, revealing a nice sharp metal wire.

He pulled her back harder, and Kendra spun around. As if she had been trained, she closed one hand around his throat and with the other she drove the pointy coat hanger straight up his nostril and into his brain. When it wouldn’t go any further, she twisted it, making him squirm as death came for him.

The last thing he saw was her scorned and bloodied face. Without time for a last breath, he collapsed in front of her, his face aghast and contorted…

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