One Foot in the Grave-6)

Sitting in traffic, she heard them. In her cubicle at work, they spoke. On her lunch break with Sierra, their words were louder than her best friends.

All day long, Kendra re-lived the murder and a sense of excitement, almost sexual arousal but nothing like that at the same time. Quiet voices in her head began overtaking her every waking moment, reassuring her that everything will be okay. Sometimes these voices reminded her of how fun it was and they instructed her to find more ‘participants’ and to ‘get creative’. She was consumed.

Unbeknownst to her, Jayce, in the face of her vanishing the past 36 hours, woke up as well, but to a positive reality. He knew inside his path had taken him far from who he knew he was as man, a husband and a father.

Jayce had stared himself down, the one person he hated the most, and he decided that it was time to reinvent himself. He yearned to see in his reflection the person he needed to be, and he ran with it.

An appointment with a psychiatrist scared him senseless but he set it up for that evening. He even reached out to his son, whom he knew despised his past choices and they began sitting down and reconnecting.

Jayce began surrounding himself with self-help books and he even called his mother, the first time in over a year. The local pastor from his childhood church had randomly called him, in the most divinely appointed time in his life.

He called his wife what seemed like almost on the hour, every hour. He texted her many, many times, begging her forgiveness and asking her to come home. He was ready to confess all and let the chips fall where they may, though he hoped and literally prayed thar she would stay his wife and forgive him and they could move on together. Oh, how he desired this.

With time off work, Jayce was all ears and eyes to anything to do with his Kendra, his sweet wife that he had disrespected and walked all over. He desperately wanted to hear from her. Each hour passed and he felt more and more saddened and alone.

Until finally, a text message came to him. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw it was from her. His heart soared and also ached as he opened the message.

What he saw read like this: I’ve been busy and will be busier. I am not alone…

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