One Foot in the Grave-7)

Her second date wasn’t going well.

Kendra couldn’t focus, she couldn’t think of anything except repaying Jayce via hurting as many men as she could literally get her hands on. The voices clouded her most basic of thoughts. Reasoning was overtaken with madness.

She was on a date with a man she met online and he was a total douchebag. It’s half the reason she chose him. He represented the Jayces…the careless assholes out there that littered every city and every town. They were like a cancer, and Kendra was the cure. She’d purify them one at a time.

They drove out into the dark countryside, on a winding road to literally nowhere, at least for him. Tony, tonight’s inebriated suitor, slurred and embellished of his manly accomplishments like building houses and wrangling bear cubs or whatever he was saying. Kendra neither cared nor responded as she flew down the lonely highway. His grave was dug; now she just had to get him there.

Her phone vibrated repeatedly in her pocket, almost the entire drive. She sensed it was her husband and she was correct. As she pulled to the shoulder in dark spot, she glanced at her phone. Missed calls from Jayce: 8. Missed calls from the police: 2.

Terror came over her. What did they want? Suddenly, she second guessed her plans for Tony. She started to panic and told him she needed some air.

Kendra exited the vehicle, leaving her car door ajar. She walked off into the darkness, several meters from the running vehicle. Kendra double checked her phone, with the hope that she misread.

High beams met her eyes and she stood frozen with her phone in her hand, her arm at her side. Tony had stepped out of the car and approached her, calling her baby and saying how badly he wanted her. He stumbled a foot or two away from her and fell onto the dirt floor, laughing. The drugs she gave him had kicked in.

As Kendras gaze left the disheveled Tony laying on the ground, she looked to the headlights and then the red and blue lights that flashed on the roof, sending Kendra into hyperventilation. The police alarm came on and she instantly raised her hands, as if guilty of a crime.

The police cruiser stopped inches from where she stood. Both officers exited the vehicle and with hands near their holsters, they spoke to the shaking, gasping Kendra.

“What is in your hand, young lady?”

“Put the weapon on the ground and interlace your fingers behind your head!”

Kendra remained frozen. She couldn’t make out the police officers words over her panicked breathing and the murderous voices in her head. She looked to Tony, who was also yelling at her from the ground. Everything was spinning.

Slowly, Kendra lowered her hand holding the cell phone. She brought her other hand over towards it and at that moment both officers withdrew their taser guns and deployed 50,000 volts times 2 to her torso.

The cell phone flew from her hand. Her entire body, limbs and all, flailed mercilessly. The electrical seizure brought her to her knees and ultimately flat on her face in the dust, right alongside Tony. Her eyes rolled in her head and the lights faded to black.

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