One Foot in the Grave-8)

Kendra awoke and sat up on the gurney, vomiting heavily into a bed pan a nurse held unflinchingly. After emptying the contents of her stomach, she realized her clothes were soaked with cold sweat, no doubt an after effect of the tazing, not to mention the puking.

The nurse looked at her cooly, as though she’d seen a thousand of these scenarios before her.. and she had. Police escorted her to a nearby interrogation room, and she held both their hands as she could barely regain her balance. She felt sick and weak, and suddenly the gravity of the situation kicked in and she began to panic again.

The officers sat her down and then rounded the other side of the table across from her.

Officer Dahmer spoke first. “Kendra, do you know why we were looking for you?”

“Uh, I think I need my lawyer..” Kendra stammered. She was white as a ghost and she clutched at her stomach.

“Why do you say that?” Officer Gacy wondered.

Kendra paused, then said very bluntly, “I just don’t know what else to tell you. You can’t pin anything on me.”

Both officers looked at each other. Dahmer looked calmly but sternly at Kendra. “Mrs. Reynolds, are you aware that your husband has been desperately trying to contact you? He filed a missing persons report approximately twelve hours ago on you. He’s been very concerned about your welfare.”

Officer Gacy interjected. “Mrs. Reynolds, this is why we approached you earlier this evening on the highway, to secure your safety and to alert Jayce that you are not missing.”

“I strongly suggest however that you do contact your lawyer because you have done nothing but demonstrate guilty behaviors of the criminal sort these past few hours. I want you to also know that we’ve been analyzing your DNA and are currently running analysis on an open case that may match your profile. Oops, did I say too much..?” Dahmer delivered with a cold smile.

“Mrs. Reynolds, it should also come to your attention that the man you had near poisoned with the drug oxycontin, you know, the guy laughing in the dirt when we picked you up, was an undercover DEA agent. What was your business with him? Why were you alone on that stretch of road in the middle of nowhere? Who are you, Mrs. Reynolds?” Gacy was inches from her ghastly face.

Tears began streaming down her face. She was shaking, near hyperventilation again. Both officers stepped out, and entered the room on the opposite side of the glass wall, filled with on-looking agents of various rankings.

“She’s gonna fry. Never have I seen a perp so guilty!”

Meanwhile, in the front of the police station, Jayce, along with scared Annaliese and skulking Dawson, burst through the doors.

“My wife is here? Where is she!” Jayce boomed at the Officer on duty.

Annaliese, with tears in her eyes, cried out, “Please let us have my mommy! Please!”

Just then, Officer Dahmer walked into the room. “You must be Kendras family. She is here and she is safe.”

Jayce hugged a beaming Annaliese tight, as tears of joy flowed down both their cheeks.

Dahmer took in the priceless moment with a big smile on his mug. Then his expression sharpened. “Sorry to break up the love fest but I do need to announce that your wife, Mr. Reynolds, is currently being charged with first degree murder, unlawful confinement of a human being, administering drugs and attempted murder charges. She is in a world of trouble. Have a nice day.”

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  1. Each chapter leaves you wanting to read the next, I can visualise as I am reading it!! The hanger bit was not easy to read as I felt it and I cringed like heck but having said that it is written well as I feel I am in the story. Now where is 9?

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