One Foot in the Grave-10)

Kendra awoke in her cell, exhausted and broken down after another night of the audible voices of the tortured souls surrounding her in her cell block, as well from the demonic voices torturing her psyche. What she did, where she must now live and the life that she traded in constantly haunt her every moment of every day.

She tried to keep her head down. Scared to death at being in the general population, Kendra, directed by the voices, began formulating murder plots against an inmate, any inmate.

Thoughts swirled in her head of the life she once had, literally only a few days prior to this predicament she found herself in. All that was gone. She believed that she would either die in prison or be executed eventually for her crime, and the further crimes she intended to commit. Lost in a sea of sin and loneliness, all her own doing.

After lunch, she was told there was a visitor. Her heart raced as to whom it could be. She couldn’t face Jayce. It would make a mess of her and she knew breaking down in front of her fellow inmates would put a larger target on her back.

The terror subsidied when she walked down that hallway, bound in handcuffs as well as shackles on her ankles, and saw her loving son Dawson. After the guard removed her handcuffs, Kendra picked up the phone and looked at her son on the receiving end.

“Dawson! Is your father not here with you? Or Annaliese?” questioned Kendra.

Dawson smiled and responded, “Mom, I…I did it.”

Kendra covered her mouth and her eyes darted around the room, making note of whom was close to her and where the guard stood. She took a deep breath then said, “You really did it, hunny??”

“Yes. I had to for me, and I had to because of how you instructed me. But Mom…” Dawson’s eyes watered and he stammered, “Anna got in the way and now they’re both dead. I’m sorry.”

Kendra’s eyes widened but she held back the tears, then anyway. “You little idiot! That wasn’t the plan! Just him, not my sweet daughter.” She paused, then said icily, “It’s probably for the best. I can see that now. Should of been my plan from day one. Now justice has been served and you are free, my son!”

“I know, Mom. But I’m sad. Pulling the trigger was easy compared to this after stuff. It’s hard.”

The guard approached and Kendra went white. “Five minutes”, he informed.

Kendra continued talking but at a faster pace, coldly and decisive. “I’m assuming you haven’t torched the place yet, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. What’s the problem there? You know we changed the home insurance policy under your name so all you have to do is wait for your payout and you’re free.”

“I’m thinking about confessing. I can’t live like that, Mom! I thought I was cold but I’m not, at least not like you. You’re in here for life. I should be too.”

Kendra, with a minute to talk, brought her tone down to a near whisper. “Dawson, look me in the eyes. You see your Mother but you should also see death. I am ruined and my family is dead, as I am. Live! Now!”

The guard came and re-cuffed her hands. Tears rolled down Dawson’s face as he knew this would be the last time he ever saw her. Kendra waved at him, then disappeared through the metal door.

Once again, Dawson let the coldness overtake him. He had no other play here. He stood up from his bench seat, withdrew the sawed off shotgun from inside his coat and began taking out everyone in that room on this side of the glass.

An old lady visiting her son was the first to get it, in the back of the head, her brains splattering the glass in front of her imprisoned son. Then he turned to his left and shot a guard in the leg, then right at his heart, causing explosive damage.

An alarm was heard and within seconds a team of armored guards was in the room. They opened fire on the madman. His body flailed as he was filled with round after round, to the chest, head and legs.

Blood spewed all over as his body fell to the cold floor. He had escaped his life of misery, but only to face the eternal sentence of the tortures of hell.

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  1. just curious, how did he get the shotgun in there? Not sure I liked this last chapter, Kris. That is my opinion, cannot please everyone.

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